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Beaulieu International Group

Founded in 1959, today, the B.I.G. group unites several independent companies, occupies a significant share in the market for the production of raw materials and industrial goods, as well as finished floorings, provides employment for more than 4,000 people worldwide and generates a turnover of more than EUR 1.7 billion.
The focus areas of Beaulieu International Group key divisions today

POLYMERS: production of polypropylene pellets for various applications.

INDUSTRIAL FIBERS: production of vegetable fibers, technical textiles and yarn.

WALLS AND FLOOR COVERINGS: production of tufted and needle-punched carpet flooring (CARUS, REAL, IDEAL, OROTEX), artificial grass (ORYZON grass), vinyl (BEAUFLOR, IDEAL, JUTEKS), LVT (BERRY ALLOC), laminate (BERRY ALLOC, ALLOC), parquet (BERRY ALLOC), wall panels.

В Beaulieu International Group работают более 5000 сотрудников на 27 заводах, в 16 представительствах и складах готовой продукции в 16 странах. В 2017 году оборот группы составил около 2 млрд евро.

Деловые качества и стремление к новаторству Beaulieu International Group являются образцом многогранности и развития в отрасли. Благодаря таким отличительным чертам группа постоянно создает дополнительные преимущества для клиентов, сотрудников, поставщиков, акционеров и общества, в котором она осуществляет деятельность.
Family company

The first company of the future holding was founded by Roger de Klerk in 1959. Today BEAULIEU is still a family enterprise run by the founder's children.


Beaulieu International Group actively participates in environmental initiatives around the world and runs the production as required by safety standards for humans and the environment. At each of the B.I.G group plants:
— Quality of raw materials and production materials is tested,
— The waste management cycle is strictly controlled, the materials are recycled,
— Modern water and air treatment system is introduced,
— Consumption of energy resources is strictly controlled, with implementation of in-process energy saving projects.

The history of JUTEKS began in Slovenia in 1939 with a small firm producing jute fabrics for hops packaging. The plant became one of the largest PVC flooring European manufacturers in half a century.

The first stone of the JUTEKS plant in Russia was laid in May 2008, a stable production and sale of high-quality PVC linoleum started in 2010

In 2012, the Juteks Slovenian and Russian plants joined the BEAULIEU INTERNATIONAL GROUP.


In 2012, the Juteks Slovenian and Russian plants joined the BEAULIEU INTERNATIONAL GROUP.

Increasing production, the company creates new jobs: today the companys staff is already more than 290 people, of which 4/5 are residents of the town of Kameshkovo and Kameshkovskiy district.


The success of any business is a result of a close-knit work of specific people, keen on an interesting and important business. Care is taken to create comfortable working and rest conditions for the employees at each of the group's plants.

Social responsibility

Each of the BEAULIEU INTERNATIONAL GROUP plants maintains its own social programs aimed at development of the area the enterprise is located and improvement of the living conditions of people inhabiting the close vicinity of the group plant.
So, the successful operation of the JUTEKS Russian plant (Vladimir Region, Kameshkovo) contributes to the economic and social development of the town of Kameshkovo, Kameshkovskiy district and the entire Vladimir region.
Increasing production, the company creates new jobs: today, the company's staff is more than 290 people, of which 4/5 are residents of the city of Kameshkovo and the nearest settlements.

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