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Floor coverings for home and office

How to choose a coating

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How to choose carpet for home and office
How to choose carpet for home and office

Carpet is a soft and warm floor covering. It allows you to create a special cozy atmosphere in the room, inaccessible to other types of coatings. In addition, the carpet is easy to install and easy to care for.

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Design 031                                                         Design 5154

In this article, we will look at what to pay attention to when choosing — both for residential and commercial premises.

 Room class

Grading by room class is the most convenient and easy way to answer the question "which carpet to choose".

in fact, it is a complex, integral indicator that reflects all the main characteristics of carpet. If the choice is based on the class of the room, the probability of errors and mismatch of the material to the place where it will be laid, will be minimized.
 room class      examples of premises
     the perfect collection
     21 — low-use residential areas      bedrooms, offices,children's rooms    Alladin
     22 — residential premises with an average intensity of use      living rooms    Echo
     23 — high-use residential areas      corridors, hallways    Blush Inspirations
     32 — medium-use public spaces      office rooms,shops, hotel rooms    Riviera
   Terra Nova
     33 — high-use public spaces      halls of office centers, schools, hospitals, laboratories    Skyline

Type of carpet

Depending on the production technology, there are two types — tufted and needle-punched.

For the production of this type, loops are made from threads on a primary basis, and then a secondary basis is glued to the underside of this type. The technology is characterized by high production speed, which has a positive effect on the cost of the material.

Tufted carpet is equally well suited for residential areas — the Artis and Blush Inspirations collections, and for commercial areas — the Expedition_Eden collection.

According to the production technology of needle-punched carpet, the threads are tangled and knocked down with special needles to give the coating increased density and wear resistance.

This type of carpet is most often laid on the floor of commercial premises. Although there are collections for 21-23 classes of living spaces, for example, Dakar, Java.

Base type

As a basis for carpet, three main materials are used — felt, rubber and jute.

Felt provides increased softness and sound insulation. Such a covering, for example, from the Riga collection, is an ideal option for bedrooms. And in the children's carpet with a felt base will allow you to play comfortably on the floor.

Rubber, or rather a mixture of latex and chalk, primarily protects against moisture penetration under the carpet. This means that the coating on this basis is especially important for rooms that are most often exposed to water (corridors, hallways). As an example, here is the Toronto collection.

The main property of jute is incombustibility. Therefore, jute base is usually used in carpet for offices, hotels, shops, i.e. in coatings for commercial premises. For example, the popular commercial collection Riviera is made on a jute basis.

Снимок.JPG  1e1a04d049f08dc4e97fc6d87fca_квадрат.jpg  646fadb7786023a9a5023ffadd1c698a.jpg
Jute base                                        Rubber base                                 Felt base


All three main characteristics of the pile — composition, weight and height — affect the wear resistance of the coating.

The composition of the pile

Carpet pile is made of polyester (PES), polypropylene (PP) and polyamide (PA) fibers.

The first two materials (PES and PP) have a more affordable price, but less wear resistance. Covering with such a pile, for example, from the collections of Jupiter, Echo or Faye — the best option for carpet at home or apartment.

w700q85_Faye 884_RSH1.jpg
Design 884

Polyamide fibers are more expensive, but they have the highest abrasion resistance. Carpet with PA-pile, for example, from the Volcano collection, is recommended for installation in commercial areas that are subject to high loads on the floor (a large flow of people, furniture on rollers, etc.).

w700q85_Marathon 329_RSH.jpg
Design 329

The weight of the pile

Regarding the weight of the pile, there is a simple rule — the higher the weight, the higher the wear resistance.

The pile of household carpet usually weighs in the range of 250-650 g/m2. The pile is much heavier — from 900 to 1700 g/m2.

Pile height

Pile height — from 1 to 40 mm. The higher the pile, the more comfort when walking, but the lower the wear resistance of the coating – a carpet with a long pile is pleasant to walk on, but it is more visible dents from furniture and heavy interior items.
-.jpg_q50 (1).jpg  post_5b1e427b0f610.jpeg

Fire safety class

In accordance with Russian standards, carpet is assigned a fire safety class from KM5 to KM2 — in order of increasing the level of safety.

This parameter is critical, first of all, for laying coatings in commercial premises where there are high safety requirements and where it is permissible to use material with KM3 and KM2 certificates. In particular, the collections Andorra, Golden Gate and Terra Nostra have similar certificates.

For laying in residential areas, as a rule, the class of fire safety is not so important. However, among the collections of household carpet there are coverings with certificates KM3 and KM2. For example, Olivia and a Royale.

Color scheme and design

The level of manufacturing technologies of modern carpet has stepped so far that the variety of color options for coating can satisfy even the most demanding taste.

The range of B. I. G. company includes both collections of classic plain carpet, and options with fashionable decorative prints and imitation of stone or wood. For example, the Echo and Riviera collections offer more than 10 popular shades — from gray and beige to rich chocolate. And in the Rockfeller line there is a coating with a pattern of a Scottish cage (Rockfeller Ebony) or sections of a wenge tree (Rockfeller Wenge).


1. Carpet is a pleasant and comfortable material that creates comfort in any room.

2. the easiest and most reliable option is to choose a carpet in accordance with the class of the Room where you plan to lay the material.

3. When choosing more carefully for the features of the room operation, you should pay attention to the type of carpet, the type of base, the composition, weight and height of the pile, and the class of fire safety.
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