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Floor coverings for home and office

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The first company of the future
holding was founded in 1958
by Roger de Klerk.
Today, B.I.G. is still
a family business run by
the founder's children.

Flooring laying and care for it

Far back in the 15th century, Vikings treated the cloth with oil to give extra strength to their drakkars-vessels sails and to protect them from water and salt. The year of 1627 was marked by the first production of "oiled canvas", which can be considered a linoleum distant ancestor. It was found to be used as a floor covering about a hundred years later. Linoleum today is one of the most affordable and versatile floorings. It is necessary, however, to observe simple rules of storage, transportation, packing and care, so that it lasts long and keeps its properties.

How to choose a coating

The choice of any floor covering begins with the definition of the requirements that are imposed on it, first of all, this is the class of wear resistance, fire certification and the size of the room.

Interesting & useful

Tips for choosing coverage, tricks and techniques of finishing and interesting findings on the use of residues!

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