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BIM models

Video instructions for BIM models of the JUTEKS brand

Innovations in the world of BIM modeling: how JUTEKS is shaping the future of construction

The modern world of construction and design is unthinkable without BIM technologies. They can significantly increase the efficiency and accuracy of work by combining all aspects of the project in one information model. A BIM model is not just a graphical representation of an object. It is a digital representation of its physical and functional characteristics, including architectural, engineering and structural elements. Unlike traditional 3D modeling, BIM provides a deep understanding of a facility at all stages of its life cycle - from design to operation and even demolition. This is its main advantage.

BIM modeling allows specialists from different industries to work on a project simultaneously, avoiding errors and duplication of work. This process combines geometric data, timing and cost parameters into a single information model. Consequently, BIM design becomes more accurate, economical and efficient.

JUTEKS understands the importance of this technology for modern construction. We have created a pool of 3D models designed for integration into BIM projects. These models provide specialists with a detailed understanding of the site, allowing them to view BIM in dynamics, adapting and optimizing projects in real time.

On our website you will find an extensive model library that contains everything you need for your project: BIM models BIGFOOT 4.3/0.6, BIM models BIGFOOT 6.0/0.6, BIM models BIGFOOT 6.0/1.0, BIM models MASTER, BIM models PREMIUM, BIM models PREMIUM AS, BIM models SIRIUS, BIM models STRONG PLUS.

You can download BIM models instantly by clicking the “DOWNLOAD BIM MODELS” button above on this page or on the coating cards in the “PVC Linoleum” section.

Thanks to the latest technologies, our models provide high quality and detail, which makes the modeling process as efficient as possible. Join the number of professionals who have chosen JUTEKS to implement their ambitious construction projects!



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